Slide zoom_out_map See More FootballCan 2041 For this project, a LandigPage was developed, which interface was implemented under the standards and design guides of the brand, a multilanguage site (Spanish and English) was implemented, with a special focus on responsive design for mobile devices. Read more arrow_forward_ios Slide play_arrow Watch The Video LasTop100 Initiative Given the success of the initiative, in 2019 we were commissioned to redesign the website, incorporate a voting system to include the public vote and integrate a system that would allow managing and billing a complementary profile review service. Read more arrow_forward_ios Slide zoom_out_map See More GSIC Digital Branding Ltd redesigned the website, as well as the corporate image and logo, making them more modern without losing the elegant touch of the brand, we developed an intranet for partners, a Brand Book and its 6 main pillars were redesigned Read more arrow_forward_ios Slide zoom_out_map See More Altair Consulting For this project, a more intuitive and easy-to-use web page was made with responsive design and the homepage with fullwidth design integrating multi-language content and we managed to position the page as # 1 in Google for English and Spanish languages Read more arrow_forward_ios Slide zoom_out_map See More Madrid Destinos We developed a reservation form, appointment management, defined schedules, and automated communication emails together with Mediacom360, an initiative launched from the Madrid City Council, whose mission in times of COVID-19 is to continue promoting culture and tourism in the Community of Madrid Read more arrow_forward_ios